360˚ Video Review

360˚ Video Review


360˚ Video Review

360˚ Video is a brand new technology that can help marketers make their videos standout in the market like NEVER BEFORE:

• Greatly increase video engagement
• Amaze visitors with this new video concept
• Create a lifelike effect by making viewers feel as if they are in the video
• Give awesome tours of your home, vacation spots, and experiences
• Allow users to have complete control of what they see in the video, without needing to even move your camera, so they can see what they want, when they want
• Record seminars, presentations, and more in full 360˚ degrees

360 Video Features:

Here is a complete list of features 360 Video offers:

  • 360 Video Icon

       Automatically stitch and create 360 degree videos

  • 360 Images Icon

      Automatically stitch and create 360 degree images

  • Drag and Drop Icon

         Drag and drop interface and timeline

  • Video Formats Icon

      Supports .mp4 and .mov video formats

  • 360 Video Icon

      Supports .jpg and .png formats

  • YouTube and Facebook Icon

     Fully compatible with YouTube and Facebook

  • 360 Video Player Icon

      Includes a custom 360 video player

  • Synchronize Motion and Audio Icon

       Synchronize motion and audio




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