BOM weather app a hit with Aussies

Australians have used the new Bureau of Meteorology app to check the weather 1.6 million times since its launch 10 days ago.

The app has averaged 25,000 downloads every day since its launch on October 7 and it’s been given 4.5 stars by consumers.

BOM director Andrew Johnson told a Senate committee on Monday he was delighted by the app’s success and proud of the team’s work developing it.


Averages for Sydney in September

Weather lowdown

Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities and the capital of New South Wales. The climate in Sydney is subtropical with mild, sunny weather all year-round. However, the climate is measured by the sea, so those areas that are closest to the coast will experience a milder climate throughout the year, while the areas further inland will experience the extremes of the weather.

With seasons reversed in the southern hemisphere, September is the beginning of spring in Sydney. This means temperatures are starting to increase along with sunshine. The average daytime temperatures in Sydney in September are around 16°C while high temperatures can hit peaks of 20°C on warmer days. Although the weather is warming in September, Sydney can experience some chilly westerly winds this month. While the city is generally sheltered from these winds, it gets very chilly near the waters when they blow. Temperatures do drop on an evening too, so make sure to pack a jacket if you’re visiting Sydney in September. The average minimum temperatures generally tend to hover around 12°C.

As with most of the months, September is generally a sunny month in Sydney. Travellers can usually expect an average of 9 hours sunshine per day with a 33% chance of a sunny day.

Spring in the city does mean the weather is subject to more rain than at other times of the year, however, this usually clears up quickly. The average rainfall expected throughout the month is 65mm which is usually spread over 11 wet days, for a 32% chance of a rainy day.

Jetty at Palm Beach in Sydney

For those who want to go in the sea whilst in Sydney, whether to swim or to ride the waves on Bondi Beach, the average temperature of the sea in August is not as high as at other times of the year, but is still very pleasant at 18°C. This is comfortable for most people to swim in.

Where to stay

If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, you’ll need a place to stay in the city. Luckily, you’ll be spoiled for choice whatever your budget or taste, as Sydney has hundreds of fantastic accommodation options.

The Cambridge Hotel Sydney is located in the prestigious Surrey Hills area, in the eastern suburbs of the city. Central station is just a 15 minute walk away and there’s an array of great shops and restaurants close by. The Cambridge Hotel has been awarded 4 stars for its luxurious yet affordable accommodation, which includes stylish rooms, a swimming pool and an on-site breakfast buffet restaurant.

For accommodation closer to Sydney’s major attractions, The Mercantille is a great budget-friendly choice for all travellers. This Irish hotel and pub has been welcoming guests since 1914 and offers comfortable accommodation in the historic Rocks area of the city. The harbour front area of Circular Quay is just a 10 minute walk away. Rooms at The Mercantille are relaxed with traditional furnishings and there’s a free Irish breakfast every morning.

Darling Harbour Latin Festival, Sydney. Photo by Alfred Hernandez

Things to do

There always a range of activities to enjoy in Sydney, whatever time of year you visit. During your time in the city, there are a number of galleries, exhibitions, concerts and museums to enjoy, as well as many of Sydney’s own historical landmarks that the city is famous for. These include the iconic Sydney Opera House and theHarbour Bridge.

If you want to get a taste of culture whilst you are there, and potentially enjoy the traditions of a culture outside of your own, Sydney in September also hosts the Darling Harbour Latin Festival. This event involves Spanish and Latin American style dancing at the Darling Harbour as well music and food.

The Festival of the Winds is also held in Sydney in the month of September. Taking over Bondi Beach, this kite flying festival features large cartoon characters, animals, box kites and more that put on a spectacular display. Celebrations include music and dancing.

Hit the beach

Sydney is well known for its laidback beach lifestyle and it’s something that every traveller should experience when they’re visiting the city. There are many beautiful beaches around the city, from the world-famous Bondi Beach to smaller, more secluded spots.

Kites at the Festival of the Winds in Sydney. Photo by Glenn Reilly

If you prefer a relaxed beach scene to a vibrant and bustling one, head out of the city to one of Sydney’s hidden spots. Palm Beach is the northernmost beach of Sydney and is located around an hour’s drive from the city centre. Palm Beach is actually the beach used as Summer Bay in TV show Home and Away and is just as beautiful as it looks on TV. Located on a peninsula, the soft golden sand is lapped by clear blue waters and backed by lush greenery. A perfect place to enjoy a day of relaxation in September, whatever the weather.

Eating and drinking

Sydney’s eating and drinking scene is world-class, up there with some of the best cities in the world. Whatever food you crave, there’s something to whet your appetite.

One of the most favoured restaurants in the city is Quay Restaurant at Circular Quay where diners can experience innovative and modern Australia dining from renowned chef, Peter Gilmore. Divine dishes are served in a dining room that overlooks the Opera House, making this a great venue for a special occasion or a celebration in Sydney.

With its coastal location, Sydney is well-known for its fresh and delicious seafood. Sample some of the tastiest at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant. Located in Darling Harbour, Nick’s is an upscale yet relaxed seafood restaurant serving dishes such as grilled barramundi, calamari and fresh lobster which guests can enjoy inside or outside. Wherever you choose to sit, you’ll be wowed by the waterside views.

Finally, Marrickville Pork Roll is a Sydney institution and is worth a trip into the suburbs to try. This casual Vietnamese restaurant serves some of the best pork rolls and bánh mì in the city, which make an affordable and delicious option for lunch.