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Doodly Review

Doodly Review 

Is Doodly Software The Best Solution For Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos?

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i333e0d8256acd8cbIs Doodly software a dream come true for anyone looking to create compelling videos? Or is it a poor substitute for hiring professionals to do the job for you? And where can you get the best deal on this product?

Doodly is software that automates the process of creating so-called ‘whiteboard animation videos’ where images and text are ‘drawn’ on screen to illustrate the narrative of the video.

In this review, we will look at whiteboard animation, explain why it is so effective, examine the alternatives for creating whiteboard animation and determine whether Doodly is a good choice.

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation videos are known by many other names including ‘sketch videos’, ‘doodle videos’, ‘video scribing’ or ‘explainer videos’. We will stick with whiteboard animation for convenience.

In its original form, ‘whiteboard animation’ is where an artist sketches images and text onto a whiteboard, or maybe paper or canvas, to illustrate a particular script or narrative.

The artist is videoed during his or her work and the footage is then edited and speeded up so that images and text coincide with what is being said in the voice-over narrative for the final video.

In essence, whiteboard animation is more aptly described as ‘time-lapse’ or ‘stop-motion’ video, since, despite the name, actual animation in the usual sense of the word is rarely used.

Why use whiteboard animation?

Hopefully, you now understand what whiteboard animation is. But why should you use it?

The answer in a word is… engagement.

i4fdefe8d43b10c35You are creating a video for a reason, whether that be to sell something, teach something or simply to entertain. Whatever the reason, you want your audience to watch as much of your video as possible, ideally from start to finish. And they are much more likely to do that if they are enjoying what you are showing.

Many tests have shown that whiteboard animation videos have a far higher engagement (or ‘retention’) than more traditional ‘talking head’ or screen capture videos.

Just about all of the big name marketers and brands are using whiteboard animation more and more to promote their wares. These people have big testing budgets and they would not be using whiteboard animation in such a big way unless they knew it improved their results significantly.

A final reason for using whiteboard animation is that, once you know what you are doing, it can actually make the process of creating videos much easier. Many people struggle with the ‘visuals’ to use in their videos and this provides a simple solution.

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