Email Jeet 2.0 Review and Bonus #emailmarketing #digitalmarketing #ecommerce #socialmedia #networkmarketing

Email Jeet 2.0 Review and Bonus

Saving money for email marketing while MAKING more money!

#emailmarketing #digitalmarketing #ecommerce #socialmedia #networkmarketing

emailmarketing digitalmarketing ecommerce socialmedia networkmarketing

What’s the one quick change that’ll increase your income the fastest?

What if your open rates double. That’s 2x the money flowing to you. Nope, your autoresponder won’t do that for you, no matter how well you right your copy or how non-spammy your email is.

You see, to really get your mail to the inbox, you need a delivery specialist. There are mailing companies that specialize in this.

Companies like Sendgrid, Mailgun, Dyn, etc.

The problem is, it’s not easy to use their mailing services as they need a SMTP sender and there was no practical SMTP solution for email marketers. Yes, there are some solutions that can be hosted but they are hard to set up, difficult to use and not easy to maintain.

Enter Email Jeet!

Now here’s a ‘Desktop email automation tool’ that you just have to install, run and watch your profits boost!

With Email Jeet you can send your mail through any Email SMTP provider – SendGrid, MailGun, MailJet,, Elastic email and others..

This is a completely done for you PC “Captive Autoresponder” which allows you to send right from your PC, so you never have to bear the brunt of “Downtime” again!

What makes it the best email marketing automation tool? Find out as you read on :

=> No import/mailing restrictions.
=> Guaranteed better deliverability than autoresponders.
=> Works with your own SMTP or with any other SMTP mailing service.
=> 100% safe and secure as your list stays with you.
=> Email sequencing/scheduling is fast and flexible.
=> Gives spam score reviews , click and open reports.
=> Complete optin management and looks after unsubscribes too.
=> Allows you to send mails in fragments to a targeted list.
=> No break in service as it’s a desktop based mailing app.
=> No need to buy hosting space or set script.
=> No monthly fee, just a small one time fee for a lifetime of hassle free mailing.
=> Works well for both small/big list owners, as it gives total control, flexibility and
saves lots of money.

Don’t miss this utility if you are looking at guaranteed top conversions with this set and forget desktop mailing solution.

Watch the demo for yourself


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#emailmarketing #digitalmarketing #ecommerce #socialmedia #networkmarketing