Every WordPress site needs this security plugin

WordPress is urging webmasters to update their CMS packages as quickly as possible to protect their domains from critical vulnerability exploits.

On Thursday, the content management system (CMS) provider released a security advisoryalongside the latest version of WordPress, 4.6.1. Now available, the update patches two serious security problems, a cross-site scripting vulnerability and a path traversal security flaw.

The XSS flaw, discovered by SumOfPwn researcher Cengiz Han back in July at the Summer of Pwnage bug bounty project, allows attackers to use a crafted image file, upload to WordPress, and inject malicious JavaScript code into the software.

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to perform a range of actions, including stealing session tokens and login credentials, as well as remotely execute malicious code.

The second critical issue, reported by Dominik Schilling from the WordPress security team, is a path traversal vulnerability discovered within the upgrade package uploader.

WordPress has patched these problems in version 4.6.1, but all earlier versions of the CMS are vulnerable to exploit. The CMS provider also fixed a further 15 bugs from WordPress 4.6, including email server setup issues, peculiar thumbnail behaviors, and plugin install infinite loop errors.

I’ve set up a lot of WordPress sites; in fact, every site I use personally is powered by the world’s most widely used blogging platform.

When it comes to the security of my sites, I don’t leave anything to chance. That’s why there’s really only one plugin I consider a must-have for WordPress: WP Master Control V2.

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  • boxIt Installs & Configures WordFence Security
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  • It Works on Both New & Existing Sites

For Best Compatibility & Maximum Performance WP Master Control V2 use the most trusted & long established plugins such as Wordfence & Updraft to insure maximum compatibility across all your sites & hosting configurations.

fistIt checks for pre existing installations & uses proven automated scripts excecute all tasks.

Needless to say all the plugins & scripts used are secure and have little impact on your site performance

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