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Lifetime Hosting Review – Special Coupon $14.95

Lifetime Hosting ReviewLifetime Hosting Review and Bonus

What is Web Hosting?
Why Do You Need It?

Web hosting is the blah, blah, blah. Just kidding. I probably don’t need to explain to you what web hosting is. You know.

You already know that you need web hosting, you just need to tell why you need Lifetime.Hosting.

In a nutshell, Lifetime.Hosting simply means you will pay one time for your hosting. Light Speed Technologies will continue to host your websites as long as you like.

Light Speed Technologies got some really smart people, doing really complicated math, factoring in all kinds of important information such as lifetime value of a customer, monthly churn, hardware cost projections, end user support costs and more. LST take all of that information and they come up with a price that they can charge one time to ensure they can provide the perpetual hosting and make a bit of profit.

What’s New in Lifetime.Hosting 2

Mobile / Responsive Builder
With Light Speed Technologies Mobile / Responsive builder, you build your website once and it’s optimized for desktop, laptop, tablets, phablets and phones. Stop re-inventing the wheel. Build once and display anywhere.

Twice as Many Free Domains
Light Speed Technologies now provide two lifetime domain registrations with privacy on every base package. A $79.90 value over regular price and save hundreds over recurring domain name registrations and privacy.

$395 in Advertising Credits
Drive traffic to your website. $50 Bing, $50 Amazon Sponsored Product, $20 Bidvertiser, $100 Perfect Audience Retargeting, $100 Youtube ($25 deposit), $75 Google Adwords ($25 deposit)

    And much more…


Exlusive Bonuses 

19-10 Lifetime Hosting Review

Bonus #1
HTML 101 Kickstart

Finally, Learn the Basics of HTML Code So That You Can Edit HTML Easily – Even If You’re A TechnoPhobe.

This 9-part video course is designed to show you how you can quickly and easily learn the basics of HTML so you can survive the online world.

Bonus #2
Free Traffic X

Stop Paying for Traffic!

Free Traffic X is a Brand NEW 6 Part Video Training That Reveals the #1 Way to Get Unlimited Free Traffic Using Secret Underground Tactics!

This training series will teach you insider secrets and tactics used by the best of the best. Find out how millions of site owners get billions of visitors without paying.

Bonus #3
10,000 Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Every website and online project needs high quality images.

Instead of paying between $1 and $16 per image, we’ve worked out a licensing deal with our multiple Stock Photo providers to provide you with 10,000 Royalty-Free high quality images.

You may download, modify and use them royalty free for anything you choose (even in commercial applications.) No image attribution required.

Bonus #4
List Building How To

List building takes the longest time to do it. The Internet is as huge as an ocean. You don’t know what kind of people you will attract. You could possibly build a list where the subscribers who are really interested in your offers are only made up of 10% or even less.

This training course is a series of 20 videos teaching you how to create a targeted, interested, focused list without expensive cost and high end software.

Note: This training is so epic that it requires two downloads – almost 1.5 GB of videos!

Bonus #5
Email How To Videos

Learn the Simple & Tactful Methods on Writing Emails to Boost Open Rates and Trigger Your Subscribers to be Interested with your Offer All The Time.

Learn how to do this Effortlessly Without Annoying Your Subscribers.

This 13-video training course contains the following training: How to Create a Broadcast, How to create an Autoresponder, How to Create a Newsletter, How to Create a Follow Up Series, How to Write a Welcome Message, How to Write a Scarcity Email, How to Write a Promotional Email, How to Write a Reminder Email, How to Write a Last Call Email and 4 more.


The price went up at midnight, but I’ve scored you a special coupon to bring it back down to launch pricing. But it won’t last long!

Looks what’s included:

– Faster loading websites (better hardware, software & support)
– cPanel Control Panel
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Free Website Builder
– One-click Installer for WordPress
– 24/7 Technical Support.

And now you can get two Lifetime Domain names included with any hosting purchase during this launch. That’s right – you’ll never pay domain renewal fees again. Check out the amazing domains that qualify for one-time lifetime payments.

19-10-2016 Lifetime Hosting Review

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