Marketing Hacks Vol 1 Review and Bonus

Marketing Hacks Vol 1 Review, Tour and Bonus
Is Marketing Hacks Vol 1 Software The Best Solution For Increase Your Conversions and Sales?

What is Marketing Hacks Vol 1: E-mail Marketing?

Marketing Hacks Vol 1: E-mail Marketing is a 50 page PDF guide with 10 of the most powerful, revenue generating, list exploding e-mail marketing tips ever found.

Everything in the course has been tested and proven to work many, many times. You’ll know everything from tips to grow your list, to how to structure your promotions for maximum effect, to exact swipe files that have proven time and time again to generate sales.

Each chapter is broken down into 5 sections. An Introduction that explains the history behind the Marketing Hack. An Explanation of how it can be used in your business. The Technical Setup of how the trick works. A Psychological explanation of why it works. And a General Thoughts section that provides quick tips to save you time and make make the “setup” easier.

Each tip is accompanied by full colour photos, reference links and everything you need to implement it and see the results right away. Best of all, each hack has immediate, measurable results. Making it EASY to justify the investment.

This is one of the most valuable, no-nonsense, impactful marketing products Adam Nolan ever released. Implementing just one of these tips will have a dramatic and permanent impact on your customers business.

Here’s Just A Few Of The Hacks In This Guide

The 4 Day Rainmaker Campaign – One of Adam’s favourite promotions! This 4 part e-mail sequence has literally brought in sales every single time Adam sent it out over the past 5 years. It’s worked in dozens of different markets and so far, is the most reliable campaign Adam ever found.

1303 Targeted Leads For $0.05 – The cheapest, easiest, most efficient way to grow a list and generate a profit at the same time. If you’re paying for traffic, you NEED to see this right now.

How To Get 50%+ Open Rates From The “2 Voices Technique” – The incredible technique that skyrockets your open and engagement rates by making it seem like you’re having a personal, private conversation with each person on your list.

$0 To $180,000 with FREE Products! – The step by step instructions on how Adam’s team used free physical products to massively grow their lists and scale a new company to $180,000 in less than a year.

… and a whole lot more!

Who Is Adam Nolan?

Adam Nolan is a business and direct marketing consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His courses have been downloaded over 250,000 times and over 30,000 people have attended his presentations.

He is the chief copywriter at Nolan Direct Inc. and specializes in direct marketing, high leverage strategies and local small business advertising.

Adam has helped thousands of people, in all walks of life, build and scale successful businesses through his marketing courses and his Marketing Bootcamp program.

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