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Mobimatic 2.0 Review and Bonus

Mobimatic 2.0 Review and Bonus

Here’s some results you can replicate with Mobimatic 2.0:

Mobimatic Review and Bonus


This Software Can Make You Up To $3000 Today

I dont mean $300. I really mean $3000


Mobile Apps For Businesses Did you know that creating a mobile app for a business cost about $3000?

But you simply cant put it together even if you were given 5 years to do it.

Introducing Mobimatic 2.0 Mobile App Builder

A Visual Mobile App Design Platform, That Lets anyone build High-Performance, High Grade, Mobile Apps in 3 Very Easy Steps in 5 mins.

Seriously, I could not believe it when I saw it in action

You can watch exactly how it work here

I made a demo app in 3 hours and went to a meeting today with the potential client. Showed him the app and closed many many deals.

First he says I want that app uploaded to play store asap.Sold that app for USD 800 plus 80 USD per month maintenance. Told him I will give him the iOS version free as a bonus. He asks what else you got for me. I told him his website sucks (literally told him that) he then asks, what do you suggest? I gave him my suggestions. He asks price. I said USD 1000 he says go ahead and start asap. This I I’ll outsource to someone.

He then ask me for other suggestions and I told him he needs a customised software to manage clients, sales and other biz issues. He says I must come back next week to meet with staff to get flow for developing the app. Thats another USD 3000.

This I will also outsource to one of my developers. He asks what other suggestions I have. I told him about email marketing and blogging. He says go ahead after I explained the process. That’s at a fee of usd 20 per blog post and USD 20 email written.I also suggested hosting Webinar to sell his physical products and ebooks and he says yes yes that must be done. That’s another upfront fee of USD 600 and then USD 100 per Webinar I setup for him.

Then I gave him my last suggestion which value USD 7000 and he says let’s do it in 4 months when his products arrive. This also has a monthly of minimum USD 300. There are many many more other services he wants that I can’t even mention that he has said to go ahead and implement them.

The mobimatic app was the door that showed proof of my capabilities that opened up the other services for me to offer.

What’s Outstanding App That Mobimatic 2.0 Can Create?

Here’s A Few Examples of What You Can Build With This Platform Building WordPress Apps

If you own or manage an existing wordpress website. Mobimatic 2.0 can easily convert that wordpress website into auto updated app well styled with categories. Send push notifications when you make new post.

Affiliate Apps

With Mobimatic 2.0, you easily build niche apps fro your affiliate programs. It works well with different affiliate and partner programs – Amazon, Clickbank, etc.

Membership Apps

Turn your app into a membership system with user access and content restrictions. Create VIP and inner circle areas on your app. Marketers will pay you a premium for this feature.

Streaming Apps

Build a tribe with a live streaming radio station inside your app. You can also integrate with youtube live to stream youtube videos through your channel. Its easy to integrate itunes, podcast, souncloud, etc inside your app.

eCom Apps

Build native ecommerce apps, sell unlimited products and integrate with online payments. You can also integrate your existing ecommerce store: Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Volution, etc with 1 click. eCommerce is expected to hit $3.2 trillion by 2018.

Booking Apps

With Mobimatic 2.0, you can easily integrate booking into your apps. Virtually any type of booking – restaurant, table, venue, appointments, car,etc. The platform allows you to build forms to automate your processes.

Niche Apps

You can quickly assemble rich niche apps from your own content or even PLR. Then flesh it out with live RSS feeds from your website, a Facebook page, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest or practically any site with an RSS feed. If building ‘set and forget’ niche magnets is your thing then this is for you.

Bar & Clubs Apps

What’s happy hour without a crowd? Promote weekly events and turn one-time patrons into regulars with exclusive in-app discounts. Your customers will be keeping the tab open a lot more often. Offer exclusive in-app coupons and deals. Integrate sharing features to grow your user base. Post weekend pics in the app gallery. Chime in with users on the app discussions wall. Highlight your best-selling menu items. Send happy hour alerts on the go. Seamlessly link up social media feeds and many more. All of you can do by simply drag, edit and build in a few minutes.

Hotels & Restaurants Apps

Mobimatic 2.0 comes with tons of badass features to help grow any restaurants revenue. Restaurants can showcase their menu and have users book online through forms. Users can also book for tables online. Hotels can showcase their rooms and rates online. Push Notifications to alert users and drive traffic. Use mobile coupons, loyalty card and QR discounts to build loyalty and reward users.

Gym & Fitness Apps

You can build mobile apps for personal trainers, fitness athletes and gyms. Add youtube video channel for regular training, workup guides, nutrition tips and coaching videos, VIP area with restricted contents. Push notifications to remind and motivate the app users to gym in the morning. Integrate with social media to build and grow your tribe.

Music Apps

You can build a mobile app for a radio station, recording label, music band, artist or up coming artist. For a music app, you can easily add features like live music streaming, iTunes music integration and interactive event calendars. Send out messages to loyal followers to let them know where the artist will be playing next. Sell online and build and grow a tribe. There are millions of artist and upcoming artist that will pay for this.

Religion Apps

Churches and other religions will pay you a premium to help them build apps. Churches can have their hymns, bulletin, upcoming messages, etc on their apps. Drag and drop forms for prayer request, counselling booking. Receive offerings, tithes, vows, etc. They can send devotionals and service reminders as push notifications to their members. They can sell their products via mobile commerce, upload their messages, videos, podcast, etc. They can even connect their live streaming, integrate their social media, their blog, etc. You can set this up in less than 30 minutes with Mobimatic 2.0 and charge $500 – $3000 per church.

eLearning Apps

If you are an online teacher, instructor, or have any courses you would like to sell, then why not create an App? Use Mobimatic 2.0 to create an iOS and Android App of your Teaching/Course Website, then upload your apps to Apple Store and Google Play to start attracting new students. build your tribe and grow your income.

Community Apps

With Mobimatic 2.0 you can allow users to send photos and comments to create a great community around your brand and product line. The ease of making your app and existing social network pages communicate each other will make your brand and content go viral. App owners can share news with their users to get feedback. You can add one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more.

Local Business Apps

You easily build business apps for yourself or help other businesses and get paid.
With your App, you can quickly and easily communicate with your customers using Push Notifications. Let your customers know about your sales, offers, promotions, new products, coupons, and discounts. Reward customers through loyalty cards, discounts, coupons, QR coupons, etc. Keep your customers informed, happy, loyal, and coming back for more!

Whats New ?

In Addition to the Many Features you have seen above, Here’s What’s New

Appointment Booking Engine
Create multiple stores, categories, services and providers. You can define store opening and closing times and create a specific schedule for the providers.

Add Quiz to Apps
Its Easier to build All Type of Quiz App Within Mobimatic 2.0, the New Quiz Function lets you Set Up a Complete Quiz App in simple Drag and Drop Setup.

Build Uber -like TAXI Apps
Mobimatic 2.0 Added the Ability to Create a Complete Taxi-Ride App like Uber and Lyft all with a few clicks of the Mouse. You can earn above $5000 per taxi app.

Add Surveys To Apps
You can create advanced question types using logical triggers, and then collect results, download and export users data… They will love this.

Theme Marketplace
All new theme marketplace where users can convert their already built apps into “app themes” and sell to other users. An additional income stream for users.

App Publication Engine
Mobimatic 2.0 rebuilt our app publication engine from the ground up. 1 click apk generation and it takes less than 10 secs per app. Users can publish iOS apps without a macbook.

Enhanced White label
This system enables users to completely rebrand Mobimatic 2.0 for your clients.Their logos, their domain, their custom email, SMTP, etc in a few clicks.

And Many More…
Through Mobigets you can add over 75 widgets and features to their apps (calendar, calculator, count downs, etc).

Mobimatic 2.0 have fixed bugs, added more articles and tutorials for users, and support team gets stronger everyday… Simply put. Mobimatic 2.0 is the PRODUCT – MARKET FIT. This a product that satisfies the market. This = Confidence in Mobimatic Vz (Evolution) – Peace of mind knowing you will benefit a lot.

Bonuses what we have for you today

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