New Characters And Ultra Beasts Announced For ‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’

In addition to all the new Pokémon announced for Pokémon Sun and Moon, we now have some new characters for the games. While Team Skull is meant as the games’ antagonists, it seems that the Aether Foundation might be the good guys.

Apart from the general Aether Foundation employees, we’ve been introduced to Lusamine, Faba and Wicke. These are respectively the Aether Foundations’s president, branch chief and assistant branch chief.

We also got a sneak peak at one of Team Skull’s enforcers, called Gladion (shown below).

Following the character reveals, we also have some new Pokémon and a new Alolan variant. The two new Pokémon are Jangmo-o and Type: Null, with the later being seemingly inspired by the chimera from Greek myth. Whereas the new Alolan variant is a chunkier Raticate, due to the higher calorie diet that it has in the Alola region.

The other interesting point is that the two versions of the game, Sun and Moon, will be separated by 12 hours, with events in each game playing out differently depending on which you play.

The final big reveal is that of the new and mysterious Ultra Beasts. The first of these is simply called UB-01 and looks like a giant jellyfish. The Ultra Beasts attack both humans and Pokémon, so are deemed a threat in the Alola region.

It seems that the Aether Foundation are also researching Ultra Beasts. More specifically, that this newly revealed UB-01 has a body made from a material resembling glass and moves like a young girl.

My hunch is that the Aether Foundation may be responsible for these new creatures and aren’t quite the benevolent group they make themselves out to be.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is released exclusively for the 3DS on November 18th.

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