Redskins’ fan marries Steelers’ fan at FedEx Field

Justin Henderson and the former Wendy Vanderwiek joke that the future of their marriage may depend on the outcome of Monday night’s season opening game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins.

“Here we go Steelers, here we go!” Wendy chanted at her husband.  “Fight for old DC!” he shouted back.

It’s hard to believe these college sweethearts have been able to get along for the last nine years. She loves Pittsburgh more than any other team. And he feels the same way about the Redskins. How is this going to work out?

“Redskins will prevail and if by chance they don’t, the marriage is annulled,” said Justin. “We will win, and he’s going to keep me anyway!” replied Wendy.

But the couple agrees on so much more. Love for each other and love for their daughter. “I feel very happy because they’re my parents,” said 9-year-old Justine.
Both bride and groom adore football. So much, the FedEx Field parking lot was their ideal wedding chapel.

They married under a perfect blue sky with the smell of tailgaters grilling all around them in the Red Zone parking lot. The Redskins provided the stage. And Justin’s brother read the vows.
“Make sure the only division in your happy home is the allegiance to your sporting teams,” said Damon Henderson, who officiated.

The choice was between a beach wedding and a football wedding. Even after parking passes and game tickets for the guests, football was much cheaper.
“Sometimes it gets a little mundane and people go thousand and thousands in debt for what they call a dream wedding, this is our dream wedding,” said the groom.
No honeymoon for now. Just the game. They have seats on the lower level, section 103.

There have only been seven tie games in the NFL since 1989. But for their sake, maybe we should hope for a tie in Monday night’s game.