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Scope Leads Review and Bonus

Scope Leads Review and Bonus

16-08-2016 21-48-26Get The Financial Security You Deserve

ScopeLeads Is Something Entirely Different From Any Lead Management Tool You’ve Ever Seen…

It gives you the best leads, and ONLY the best leads.

ScopeLeads finds only the leads that want your service.

Only want leads that need SEO? Just hit ‘SEO Lacking’ and you’ll only get leads who seriously need better organic rankings.

Are you more comfortable with Social Media? Use this to get your foot in the door with large businesses who need some Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube presence.

Or perhaps you’re keen to carve yourself out a slice of the pie in the biggest growing sector online… mobile. Simply choose your niche, and use ScopeLeads to search for businesses lacking a mobile responsive website.

Even businesses who know basic SEO are often missing this, and adding it leads to a huge boost in rankings. This search opens up a whole new audience for you.

Video Lacking
Every business needs video on their website to sell better and rank higher in Google too. If you sell video, local commercials, or animations, ScopeLeads will find you businesses missing exactly what you can provide

Get The Financial Security You Deserve: How much you charge new clients is up to you… but here’s a heads up… the beauty of working with people who need you and value you, is they’re prepared to pay you handsomely for your time… (Want to put a price on that? Some of ScopeLeads users charge as little as $750, or as much as $1,500 for a few hour’s work. Reckon you could handle that?)


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Scopeleads is one of those tools that every SEO and digital marketer can intergrate into their client acquistion to reach 1000’s of potential new clients. You can find websites that are lacking in SEO and mobile friendly really quick with a scan of the keyword + city your are targeting and find leads that are wanting digital marketing. You can either cold call them which is extremely fun or cold email them, with is also fun too. You can see all the open rates that you have sent out and follow up with clients to further discuss a marketing strategy that will change clients lives. Once I saw the potential use of this tool I immediately knew I had to get on board and I sold my studio monitors, so that I could automate my client aquistion process and find 1000’s of leads for my business. Plus Lior really cares about every members success with the tool and he and his team are always providing value for the group to insure that every member is getting results.
I have just started using ScopeLeads and am really impressed by how fast the software is and the way everything is self contained. It just makes to job of finding leads so much easier as the whole process can be automated and with ScopeLeads. The support team and Lior are also very receptive to suggestions to feature improvements and additions.
Scope Leads is great I’ve sung it’s praises to the rafters. Love it. ScopeLeads Elite Community is like having a team of mentors with the big guy watching over and helping from time to time. Iron sharpens iron.
I’m impressed that such a young owner cares so much about his users have to say. Scopeleads is always taking suggestions and making it better. There have been at least 5 major upgrades just since I joined about 2 months ago. The cool thing about the group too, is that when one comments with suggestions that they’ve found helpful others pitch in with their ideas and sometimes it leads comments and additions by Lior which makes it even better. I wish other software vendors did this.
Microsoft Software might actually work if they did things the way ScopeLeads does. Thanks to all the contributors at the group and at ScopeLeads.
Mike Hansen
I’m new to cold emailing to prospect for clients. Just following Lior’s training, using the provided email templates, and help from within the ScopeLeads Facebook group, this is definitely an effective way to get new clients. In my first weeks of using ScopeLeads, I got a 22% open rate and out of those a 12% click rate on the link provided in the email. I’ve already got a couple of appointments out of it and I have a closing call scheduled tomorrow for a $2,000 a month deal!
ScopeLeads helps systematize the cold emailing process. If that doesn’t speak volumes to you, then you’re either not a marketer or you have unlimited time and money.
The tools have all been there for a long time, but to put them into such a user-friendly and inexpensive package that can save you time and money has been the genius of this product.
Works at Self-employed
I have used many software systems, and I must say Scopeleads has saved me some gray hair! I was manually cold emailing 50-100 companies per day, and it would take me hours, now with this system, I get hours of my life back! My expectations are not easy to meet, but I must say the support is responsive, and they make software improvements daily. Best money I have spent in a longtime!
ScopeLeads has definitely made an impact in my business. I had virtually no outreach game plan. Now, I have a complete, manageable setup. It cuts the work and monotony out of daily lead generation and gathering. I now have a turnkey operation I can do with little effort.
Russell Trzaska ·
Scopeleads is awesome! Within the first week of using the software I was able to cut my prospecting time in half and focus my energy on talking with interested business owners instead of spending hours sorting through websites. Also, the bonus sales material has transformed the way I pitch and close clients. Already the software has paid for itself. Thanks Lior Ohayon!
So far, ScopeLeads has shown tremendous potential as a powerhouse, lead generation program. I’ve beed using the software for a few days now and will continue to post peridodic reviews.
Prospecting… scraping emails… all that stuff that has to be done to bring in new clients has always been very time consuming and quite honestly a pain in the ….
ScopeLeads changed all that. I can honestly say that what used to take 1 hour to do can now be done in less than 5 minutes with the software!
Mike Pilko ·
Scope leads has cut my prospecting time immensely. It’s a win win because you get more leads all while freeing up more time to run your business.
Josh Bregar ·

Scopeleads has become an integral piece to my client outreach approach. The powerful tool is not only a major time-saver in cold emailing, but the platform provides you with valuable analytics to ensure you are maximizing your KPI’s such as open rates & link clicks.

I highly recommend this to any business who is looking to optimize their cold emailing campaigns. Thank you Lior & the rest of the Scopeleads team for this powerful, powerful tool.

Al-Hamza Essam Al-delaimy ·
Kickass Software ! its all built in . Love it i sent out 30 emails and got 4 replies closed 1 for SEO contract. Btw the strategy “cold Emailing is GOLD !” Now im able to scale my business because of this software. #kickassSoftware !
Had quite a few responses from the ScopeLeads emails but the best one is an invite to a local business networking club (100 members)…and in the guys own words “will don’t have an SEO person in the group, so come along to the next meeting and i’ll buy you breakfast”…100 local business owners to pitch, Result!

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