Steph Curry, Kevin Durant chide NBA reporter for asking about squatting

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant keep the post-game podium reaction bonanzas coming.

The Warriors stars semi-scolded an NBA reporter Friday for asking a question about Steph squatting during Game 4 of the NBA Finals — a question spawned from a Game 3 incident involving Curry.

“You gotta be better than that,” Curry said several times to the NBA reporter who posed the inquiry. “I really don’t have an answer for that. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The non-Rihanna-related question arises after the way Curry celebrated a play in Game 3 allegedly looked like he was squatting — or relieving himself. (You can see it here.) The moment went viral Wednesday night.

The particular NBA reporter teased Friday shall remain unnamed here (more for his benefit — because clearly Curry and KD admonished the question, not the questioner). It should be noted that this reporter was simply doing his job.

“I’m sorry we keep asking you about squatting, but while Draymond and Steve were arguing with the ref … it looked like you squatted down,” the reporter asked. “Were you just stretching there?”

Someone on stage — probably Durant — was already giggling as Curry stared blankly at the reporter.

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“You serious right now? You gotta be better,” Curry replied. “C’mon now, man. This is crazy. You gotta be better than that.”

The reporter mentioned that “people are curious” — which seemingly makes sense as a reason to ask the Q.

Curry continued: “I have no idea… I have no idea what situation you’re talking about, but…”

Durant then added that the diss was not meant personally.

“You gotta do better than that. I like you, but you gotta do better,” Durant concluded.

The situation is similar to when the two superstars delivered a now-legendary, double-teamed response to a question about what Durant said to Rihanna after the artist threw shade at KD during Game 1.

Here’s video of Friday’s exchange via John Dickinson of 95.7 The Game


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