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UpTrack Review and Bonus

UpTrack Review and Bonus
   Here’s some results you can replicate with UpTrack:

UpTrack Review


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UpTrack is the Next generation of SaaS link cloaking and tracking that will allow your subscribers to track and optimize every section of their funnel / followup series and total marketing effort.

This was create to fill a looming gap in the industry. You either had to pay big $ per month for an enterprise grade tracking system or you had to compromise and pay slightly lower monthly fees but have unreliable tracking and the inability to track deep through the funnel.

Uptrack address this with a single one time payment for an enterprise grade platform.

Take a look at the demonstration online here

Let me ask you a question….

If you gave me $1 and I immediately turned around and gave you $3 in return, you’d be pleasantly surprised, right ?

You might ask me to do it again, but this time give me $3…

In return I’d pull out $9 bills and hand them over.

Then you might get really excited and hand over $100 and be over the moon when 3 Benjamin’s get handed back.

How many times would you do this ?

How big would you scale it.

You would have to keep going until you saw a drop off in your returns right ?

Well this is what the biggest guys in the industry are doing RIGHT NOW with paid ads.

Paid ads are AWESOME, because of the easy way you can scale them and effectively start buying cash at a discount.

But you have to know you metrics to make this work.

You can’t simply throw cash into ads and expect them to work if you are not tracking your links and monitoring where your sales are coming from, which ones are profitable and which are not.

That’s the fast track to blowing your ad budget and getting zero returns.

So how do the bug boys do it ?

Do you think they reply on the numbers that Facebook give them, that Google give them or that Bing give them ?

Not a chance !

Those numbers are frequently WAY OUT and can mean the difference between a 3X ROI and a money losing campaign.

No, the big boys pay $100’s each month for enterprise grade link tracking systems to know the exact parts of their funnel that work and those that don’t.

To know if Google traffic loves part of your offer, but Facebook traffic thinks is smells like week old fish,

That’s great for the big boys, but what about you ?

You don’t want to spend $100’s each month.

In fact you don’t want to spend ANYTHING month after month.

Well, until recently you didn’t have any choice.

Yes, there were cheaper monthly options….


They were unreliable, very complicated to set up and they couldn’t track through the ENTIRE funnel (which is kind of the point).

But now a brand new cloud hosted solution has become available…

UpTrack is an enterprise grade cloud hosted link tracker and cloaker that WILL allow you to track every part of your funnel.


For the next few days is available for a single one time price.

Offers like this do not come around every day…..

AND in just a few days, Uptrack will revert to monthly pricing.

So, If you want to turn $1 into $3 at will, then you need to make paid ads work for you.

In which case you need UpTrack and there has never been a better time to invest.

Take a look at the demonstration online here

I hope this review is useful for you. Thank you for reading my UpTrack review!

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